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    Dat_Guy123's Application for Minecraft

    you mst be 14 and 3/4 years old to be legal age to work
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    Not Passed Dat_guy's Application for Minecraft

    If we had the old Forum setup i would find my old Mod application and show you it. The reason for this is i think it would honestly be a much better application if you used Colour or Formatting. Thanks Dale248
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    From ADSL to NBN

    I really don't want to look cocky but i did mine and well... I guess this is because im actually sitting her at private school and not using my home internet.
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    12 of the weirdest and most useless laws in America!

    Phill, has someone hacked your account and made you one of those poorly made bots that post crap? xD
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    Free Food?

    Yes, i agree with that. I shall swiftly remove them if they haven't been already, until a good reason can arise.
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    Chriscalvery`s Application For MC

    Welcome! May i ask if that dragon ball Z game was the Game Boy one? :)
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    Help urgent

    how, and why? You shouldnt even have /god on you! come on sometime and ill see if it can fix it
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    HAPPY 21st FERN

    Happy b'day Fern! have a good one man (woo) Don't do a mala and come on the server drunk now haha
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    2 Years of Dust

    how....how would you know this? XD
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    ?on mod app [NOT PASSED]

    they are links Joek
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    ?on mod app [NOT PASSED]

    I'm quite sure i sent you the link multiple times but whatever... Go HERE Read THIS Make Application
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    hg glitch

    Is this the same proc 4 armour i gave to you ages ago for helping me out with a big favour but you lost it because Golden_Tail took it all?
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    SOS Minecraft

    do you mind telling me your ingame name? I have not left any kittens in there. More on topic: I have been letting a few (3-4?) of the loved ones/trusted to help me build new things since its quite a task on my own.
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    Joseph2409's junior moderator application <3

    +1 on the well set out application joseph :) and the bunny rabbit is a subtle, yet cute touch. Well done! Oh and please, lets not turn this into a flame war, if you really need to talk about this take it somewhere less...public. (skype) ~Dale
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    Great little websites for time wasting on

    How much do you love that one song? http://labs.echonest.com/Uploader/index.html pretty damn cool if i do say
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    MCMMO levels

    Some part of me is remembering somewhere that you can change how some skills, such as axes, actually works or in short...does less damage? Or it is more possible to just make it so you get half the experience, therefore doubling how long it takes to level up. all possibilites IMO
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    Server: Concerning 1.4

    Thanks for the update Ferny, I'll make sure I'm on as often to see if we get any of our old 'players' ;)
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    Minecraft Macro Mod Part II: Easy as Pie Warnings!

    Great to see someone using it :) If you need any help or anything just PM me.
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    Minecraft Macro Mod Part II: Easy as Pie Warnings!

    Following my recent (temporary?) demotion I've decided to work on something else that I'm sure the admins will love, yess im looking at you ferny and philly ;) Anyways, as the title suggests this macro allows the admin to be able to issue warnings much easier and with less trouble. I even used...
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    Minecraft 1.4.2 is out!

    Well I'd like it to update soon! I stupidly updated and cant get on the server, so bored hahha