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  1. Spacks

    Article: League of Legends 1v1 Tournament

    You can view the page at http://www.overzealousgamers.com/content.php?157-League-of-Legends-1v1-Tournament
  2. Spacks

    Article: League of Legends 1vs1 Tournament

    You can view the page at http://www.overzealousgamers.com/content.php?155-League-of-Legends-1vs1-Tournament
  3. Spacks


    Hi guys, Don't think I've done one of these yet so I figured 2 years later would be the right time to do it. My name is Chris and I'm 24 I currently live on the Gold Coast but before here, I lived in Bundaberg for like 8 years or so. I'm currently the TeamSpeak 3 Leader and League of Legends...
  4. Spacks

    cccdfern moderator app. [PASSED]

    Not sure why midget thought he had any say in the matter.
  5. Spacks

    MY mod app (X7amowdX)

    You were on yesterday on TS, I asked if you had anything to say and you never said anything. I still expect an apology.
  6. Spacks

    World change, economy!

    Here are my ideas. 1. No OZ Shop. 2. Faction/Person owned shops - Shops themselves are set out in a safezone in spawn where the shops themselves are rented out for a weekly fee. 3. TNT only crafted by killing creepers/mining gravel. <------ Same here 4. No Spawners - None so you cant abuse the...
  7. Spacks

    Spacks' Real Estate - I find 'em, you buy 'em!

    Spacks' Real Estate Hi Guys! I recently had this awesome idea of finding the best plots of land in all of minecraft and today I found such a place. It boasts a massive plot of land, completely devoid of any other minecraft users, which means no random dirt towers to obstruct your view...
  8. Spacks

    Dale248's Moderator Application [PASSED]

    I reckon this fellow would make a great addition to the team. Best of luck!
  9. Spacks


    Welcome to PvP Survival.
  10. Spacks

    Meanwhile... in World of Tanks....

    Certainly am! I'm bad at that game :<
  11. Spacks

    Meanwhile... in World of Tanks....

    Ace Tanker = 1% of the populator with that tank?
  12. Spacks

    Moderator Application

    Seems legit!
  13. Spacks

    Interesting E-mail obtained from BR's e-mail address

    Inb4 many lulz had Enjoy! By chris_sackett at 2012-04-21
  14. Spacks

    SuperNova GOLDCOAST!!! - Who's Coming

    I might go.
  15. Spacks

    O Hai Derr

    O hai derr
  16. Spacks

    World of Tanks

    Divineknight, TrippyTrav and myself play WoT As well as Abs and Melon
  17. Spacks

    Passed Tempest36's application for League of Legends

    Hello and welcome to OZ :) Approved ^_^
  18. Spacks

    Passed Diizzii Application

    I approve cos he's got ballz
  19. Spacks

    Passed ReepaX Application

    Seen you on TS alot with dray welcome!
  20. Spacks

    Passed aphasiia's app

    I've seen you on TS alot with Dray, so I reckon we can accept this application. Welcome!