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  1. J

    issue resolved

    i dont think a more rarity of diamonds will improve anything, even a great amount of more rarity means still way to many in 1 spot, people have multitudes in their inventories and enderchests, that stuff shouldnt be pulled over to any new map
  2. J

    issue resolved

    my fellow OZG players, those who have been here for a while remember many resets, all the way back to the days of blackmist vs Belkans. The server i knew, is a pvp survival server, when entering 'pvp' world, it is called pvp. yes so people can kill. the fun is killed, in 1 or so hour, i and...
  3. J

    Joseph2409's -OZ- member application <3

    Joseph2409's -OZ- member application 8/12/2012 Introduction. hey, my name is Joseph, I am a student. DOB 24/09/1994 the online name i have only ever used is "joseph2409" Getting to know me Well. I am a Student, next year is my last year of schooling. After I have finished school, I want...
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    Joseph2409's junior moderator application <3

    Joseph2409's Junior Moderator Application 6/12/2012 Name and Age. My name is Joseph My age is 18 First name is just fine, thanks :) Life, Events and FUN stuff. Well, where to begin. I guess I should start with the day I was born on a bright sunny day. Birds chirping. Flowers...