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  1. InstxnctAU

    DayZ players introduction

    Hi, I play DayZ. I'm Inst.
  2. InstxnctAU

    I haven't been playing Minecraft beacause......

    Lol. Not that.
  3. InstxnctAU

    I haven't been playing Minecraft beacause......

    Yes, Well you see I want to keep it the same for every single person but by issue it changes.
  4. InstxnctAU

    I haven't been playing Minecraft beacause......

    I don't hate Minecraft. I hate 80 % of the people who play it. Which I have thought is good, because if I get back into Minecraft the new updates which are soon coming out will make it fun and also it will make for a great new moderating style. My Rules. If you do something wrong Warning...
  5. InstxnctAU

    Application for Moderator

    BTW There was no Temp when he posted this..... Awks for you Eminem
  6. InstxnctAU

    Future PC Build

    Thanks for your advice
  7. InstxnctAU

    Future PC Build

    What do you guys think of this setup? Case: Corsair Obsidian 800D Processor: Intel Core i7 3820 RAM: Corsair Vengeance 4 x 4GB Graphics Card: GeForce GTX 560 Ti Main Hard Drive: Probably a small boot drive. ~60GB Second Hard Drive: Western Digital Caviar 500GB Optical Drive: Any? Cheapest...
  8. InstxnctAU

    Minecraft 1.3 | OZ Server Changes

    PvP: (A) Except keep MCMMO and 5 Slots in the Shroom Bank Economy: (D) No Store. Utilize the trade plugin to buy items form other players World Size: (E) 8000x8000
  9. InstxnctAU

    Unarmed exploit

    /mmoedit tmatthews0404 unarmed 300 /mmoedit koyotegrizz unarmed 300 Or alternatively /ban tmatthes0404 /ban koyotegrizz :)
  10. InstxnctAU

    Setting up ET for your MAC Tut

    If you are using Lion you have to type r_allowExtensions 0 but if you are on 10.6 you don't do r_allowExtensions 0 otherwise your game will crash on launch.
  11. InstxnctAU

    please help the console hates me

    LoL you were spamming. SpamGuard Rules. Warnings to Kick: 3 Kicks to Ban: 3
  12. InstxnctAU

    Please Unban Me

    Look you've obviously spent time on this server because of your HG rank. And from this post it looks like you obviously enjoy it. I would unban you but I'd have to ask BR and Melon.
  13. InstxnctAU

    New Stuff||Chest Shops, LWC [Fixed]

    Few Changes/New Plugins [*=left]Trade Mod [*=left]Chest Shops and LWC (Locking Chests) Whats LWC?:confused: It is a plugin which is similar to Lockette & Deadbolt. 1. Chest Shops are back. And yes, they are able to be destroyed by TNT. Eg. Cannons. And they also can be...
  14. InstxnctAU

    MY mod app (X7amowdX)

    It may just be your personality but being a smart ass is annoying. There is this kid I know who is a smart-ass, and everybody hates him. Eventually he pissed someone off and he got bashed. Someone might take it the wrong way and hate you forever. It just gets annoying. -Inst
  15. InstxnctAU

    World change, economy!

    OMG I have so many ideas!!! 1. We completely reset the world so everyone is equal. 2. Everyone gets to keep one inventory. 3. We open the bank to everyone. 4. We merge worlds so everyone gets to keep their stuff but just a new world. 5. Sorry dale. Close the store and put the economy into the...
  16. InstxnctAU

    MY mod app (X7amowdX)

    No they are not and also your banned from TS so?
  17. InstxnctAU

    My Moderator Application (koumi1997)

    You need to tell us more about yourself. The whole moderator application is not substantial enough if you would like to see a good one read Dale's or Mala's. There is a sticky thread that is called Moderator Application rules and templates and it looks to me like you haven't referred to it at...
  18. InstxnctAU

    Moderator Application

    Thanks for the feedback.
  19. InstxnctAU

    Application for OZ : InstxnctAU [PASSED]

    Hi my name is Lucas but I go by the in game name Instxnct I am 16 years old and live in Queensland on the Gold Coast. I play: On Xbox: Battlefield 3, Max Payne 3, Saints Row 2. On PC: Counter Strike Source, Team Fortress 2, Minecraft, I currently have the Counter Strike Global Offensive Beta...
  20. InstxnctAU

    Application for Moderator: InstxnctAU

    My Application for a position on the Minecraft server My name I InstxnctAU IRL name: Lucas :) I'm 16 years old BTW I really enjoy playing on the server and is the only server i play on. I have been playing on this server for about two months now and playing Minecraft for about two years and...