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[ET] 7-League Boots application to give a hand moderating

Hello fellows,

I'm not entirely sure I want to join the clan, mainly because I'm independent-minded and also enjoy a few different servers.
Basically this is regarding - I was on server, chatting with Bandido. I reckon he could do with a break from being the main moderator, and just enjoy playing ET for a while. So I am offering to help out for a couple of weeks, to a month or something let's say. Can log on most days for 4 hours, and if I'm shown the ropes and given guidelines can try to moderate even-handedly.

Bit of info:

About 2 years ago I played here quite a bit most days, but had a break from ET for like a year. Came back I dunno 2-3 weeks ago?
I use various names, but usually it's easy to spot the HPB (high ping bastard), and the name may have something to do with footwear.
Other than that, as Future Shock! - taken from the title of an interesting nonfiction book from the 70's. wiki page if interested.

I don't take offence at anything hurled my way, because I choose not to. I have indulged in a bit of back-and-forth with Mat, when he decides to start the fire I will add some mild gusts of wind to it. But usually don't use profane language much. Certainly don't get angry, or pretend to get angry.

Anyway, so I might be good at the job of helping admin the server in an easy going way - because I'm quite even-minded, don't easily get irritated (yet, anyway), and I don't particularly want to do the job, but someone has to and from what I've seen Bandido needs a decent break.
If this idea is acceptable to you all, I'm happy to wear the OZ tags for the duration.


soz if bit long-winded. Also don't mean to suggest no one else does admin stuffs. Just that bandido is usually on more than others, and has seemed a bit stressed by the burden lately. Also I'm happy to help, but have no strong desire for the job if that makes sense.
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Asch and Cas often leave early and Lem comes on quite late, hopefully you are excepted aboard.
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More info:

basically I've never been an admin before, and whilst I did get accepted in a clan 2 years ago I fucked it up (in my eyes) by being a little crazy.
Did something I thought was funny, although objectively it was probaby not. Also I'm more independent minded, was never sure about being part of that clan.

Regarding this - I am basically offering to help take over the main duties when bandy is here and no one else is, so he can just have fun and not worry about things. Although, seems Trigger is around a lot these days, so there's no need for me to help admin the server.

I just noticed bandy was getting a bit stressed in recent weeks, and he deserves to just play for fun and not have to worry about all the silly antics for a while. I am still happy to help out and actually if I'm gonna join any clan it will be OZ, but if y'all decide to make me admin I will need a lot of help and advice. I like being crazy, so will need some proper tutoring in order to be a decent easy-going admin. So the 'power' doesn't go to my head.



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Nothing wrong with being a little crazy mate. IMO its fine for some name calling and general banter, but there has to be a limit. Demeaning someones Mum or family member is not on. OZ prefer you to send a private msg to someone to ask them to settle down or ask what the problem is, they may be getting bled. You will hear a lot of ppl accusing ppl of haxing, I tend to ignore it mostly. But when I got Penq and I think Midas both telling that a new player was haxing I gave him a double warn, that just kicks him for a few minutes, he didnt return so I assumed he was haxing. !warn Boots hax, its easy. We have admin chat where you can chat to other OZ members. /ma gidday guys, or watch Boots I think he's walling. I dont think you'll need tutoring, just use your common sense. Mistakes will be made which can be corrected !unwarn Boots.



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Yes its got a vibe to it but you'd need to be a member in my opinion
I do very little as most of the time intervention isn't required. Most offenders know the line well and skate right up to it.

“That government is best which governs least” - John O'Sullivan circa 1837
Thanks for the advice, very helpful.
There was this one time on a Euro server, they'd just made me a member and someone came on with an inappropriate nazi-type name.
I felt I was being egged on to warn him, so I went over the top out into no man's land - since he wasn't responding to English, I tried communicating in what little I know of German e.g. "Nazi schiesse verboten", and when that didn't work ended up accidently kicking someone else.
Was a bit embarrassing all round.

Not really a fan of 'group identities', as in my formative years I was something of an outsider.
But since Aussies in general probably have less regard for fitting in with rules that aren't strictly necessary, and are more easy-going people then yes okay, on balance I'd be happy to be a member.
All good, just replying to Topcat - saying yes sure I'm happy to be a member.

I mean why not, I like you guys, and get along well with people here.
It's all good if the decision comes back v52 though, no worries at all.