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AFL dream team


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Anyone else playing this? Post teams and overall rank. And don't you dare try and post a supercoach team in here or I shall ban you from the forums INDEFINATELY!!! for 1 week.


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Antagonist said:
-OZ-Hicksy said:
u obviously have one so post it up :D

unless its full of richmond players lol
low blow hicksy.. seriously low blow

hahaha well unless he post something up then i have no choice but to think that :D


your a richmond supporter lol

id call you a collingwood supporter but most would agree as that being the low blow :D


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Im in Supercoach, mainly because we all threw in $50 so to win means $400 odd :)

Last week i scored 2443 :eek:

Lol Frog, thats the worst possible ruck combo.

And where are your cash cows?

Overall, a pretty strong looking team.