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Akh-Horus has left the building


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Not sure of how many people are aware but I have voluntarily left the OZ clan. No issues with any staff, members or regulars, but I have become stale and felt it time for a change. Also in this way I can allow someone else to have a go at a higher level I hope, something I have wanted for ages.

Before any rumours start running around, here is the situation: I have gone to dBd clan and will admin there. They did not in any way head hunt me, I approached them off my own bat. So no nastiness to dBd or their members please with me leaving. It is that pure and simple people, I went to them, not them to me.

It wasnt an easy thing to do to leave OZ, the members and regulars are something I have valued my time with. The !fling of noob, the !attack with Ama, the constant calls by me of H4X!!!!! were some of the things I so enjoyed. The solidarity of the members was gold, at this point it is easy for me to leave as there are no issues within the clan, and there is a capable and knowledgable group at the top.

So many different people over the years, here, PTGN, OGN, IPGN and my first and now defunct clan, <UO>, you lot have given me endless hours of enjoyment.

I am going to keep my forum account active and will come back obviously to see whats happening.

Thank you one and all for my time here, even the rotten buggers who constantly flogged me ad nauseum, I did actually enjoy it all.

I will come back for the occassional pew pew of course.


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wow why on earth would u go there.... there like a admin team of midnights... ban 1st ask questions later :S


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Sad to see you go horus but have fun where youre going and make sure well stay in touch good old friend :D


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Only left the clan guys, not being burried.

I will be paying a visit on a regular basis - too many good friends here to just leave and forget.

I am humbled by the kind comments, I truly am......

And pat - I will address the situation mate ok, leave it to me.


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awwww :(

If its what you want to do then have fun :)

It will different without your -OZ- clan tags on when i kill you :D :banana: