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Application for Moderator: InstxnctAU

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My Application for a position on the Minecraft server

My name I InstxnctAU
IRL name: Lucas :) I'm 16 years old BTW

I really enjoy playing on the server and is the only server i play on. I have been playing on this server for about two months now and playing Minecraft for about two years and I think I would be a great staff member for OZ Minecraft because I will always do what is best for the server. I will always do the best by the server users. I have previously been moderator on other servers so I have done it before. I am always friendly to new people on the server. I enjoy helping wherever i can. I am the leader of a faction on the server. I really enjoy playing on the server and hope that I can have some more responsibility within the server. I will enforce the rules and I will help with any problems anyone may have. I am on the server most nights and pretty much every weekend. I hope you consider my application.

I am often on Teamspeak 3 so if you ever need to contact me that would be the easiest way.

Please Reply.

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