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Passed Application to join oz


Introduce yourself, what are you in game names?

Hi my name is ash and i currently play under walker.

Help us get to know you. In this section feel free to tell us about your occupation, hobbies, favourite books/games/movies/artists, celebrity crush etc.

i work full time as a boilermaker welder on earth moving equipment but also service and maintenance to the machines

What do you think you can offer -OZ- as a clan and community member and Why do you want to join -OZ-?
great support and get along with most people with a good laugh

Do you own a microphone?
yes but currently doesn't work atm


ET Moderator
Hi mate, Im not sure how many people have seen this. I dont recall any trouble from you so your prospects look good. Not my call though.


Staff member
Congratulations on Joining OverZealous Gamers, your application has passed.

You now have access to all OZ members forums. Additionally you have priority access to all of our game and voice servers.

We hope you enjoy your stay, and feel free to invite your friends to sign up and join the fun!!

If you have any questions/concerns please check our FAQ Page or The server/forum Guidelines and Rules

Kind Regards,
OverZealous Gamers (-OZ-)

You can now tag up In-game with ^2-^OO^2Z^O- & I've given you permissions for members forum.

And could someone please setlevel him to 5, thanks.
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