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Applying for OZG [NOT PASSED]

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Hi my name is Darren my ingame name in minecraft is durran33 but my nickname is Deeran.

I am a school student. I enjoy to play minecraft alot but also spend time studying for my tests coming up. I love to
read books that have magic in it set in the medieval era.

I am a very good pvper (when im not lagging because of my computer). I am also a very good builder and love socializing with people.

I also play League of Legends(shaco FTW), Terraria, i used to play Combat arms till my account got hacked,TF2(btw if you want to add me on steam its durran33).

I also have a mic and go on the teamspeak.(btw im turning 13 soon and phill told me to apply because u guys make exceptions and ive been playing on this server for about 1 yr and 2 months i think)

i hope u guys except me
Not open for further replies.