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Best laksa in sydney?


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Hi all, my name's noob and I am addicted to laksa.

Question for those of us who hail from sydney, where is the best laska joint you've eaten at?

My fave is the Malaysian joint on hunter st in the city. You have to get there before 12 to have any chance of getting a table.

I ate there twice last week and there was a party in my mouth on both occasions.

My homies at work and I have conducted field trips around the city to compare laskas & all others are found wanting.

"Laksa king" on erskine street has no claim to the throne IMHO.

Have I said "laksa" enough in this post?

Joke :D

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Theres a place up the road from me noob, in Croydon, its pretty alright, but I was at the same place on hunter street 2 weeeks ago, and that was some of the best stuff i've ever had.


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noice Joke. I admit to being guilty of some laksa rage on friday in the hunter joint. It was sh!tfully busy as always and we had just gotten our laksas. We were standing around trying to get a table when some chick walks in and tries to ninja a table under our noses. I told her to GTFO as we had already got our food and she hadnt yet so our claim to the table was stronger than hers. She gave me a pretty filthy look, but I got the table in the end. Maybe i should have posted this in the thugs life section?

Re croydon: I would go there but I expect the lesbian ratios are down on summer hill. Come to think of it, if my suburb is full of lesbos, does that make it ghey?


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The best laksa is experienced in Singapore noob so book your taste buds on a holiday or two there and make them dance during breakfast, lunch and dinner.
In Hunter St, are you talking about that Malay-Chinese place?

Other places to try is:
Happy Chef up on the food courts of market city - http://www.marketcity.com.au/stores/foo ... oodles.amx
28 Imperial Arcade - Pitt Street Mall
David kitchen - colonial building martin place
Jimmy's Laksa town hall (galleries victoria)
Laksa Express - Clarence Street
Lees Malaysian - Met Centre

P.S - it makes you wimpy not ghey but then again you can be both :D


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Oh yeah and if anybody tells you to try Harry's Singaporean Chilli Crab over at Elizabeth St tell them to quit munching skid stained hobo briefs and start licking some random ooze on the ground in protest :)
WTF is Laksa?

OH nevermind....

Laksa is a popular spicy noodle soup from Peranakan culture also known as Baba and Nyonya,
which is a merger of Chinese and Malay elements found in Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Thanks Google.


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Kway teow is ok but nothing beats the original chinese style rice noodle beef stir frys.

Man all this talks making want to take a Culinary SE Asia trip.......... anybody interested?


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Lol, don't worry theres this hawker stand in Malaysia that serves this awesome steer p3nis curry/soup thing :)
No need for classy restaurants for you noob :)
It's all first class street food!


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I love laksa as much as anyone but I think I'd rather eat a dirty curry 99 times out of 100. I was born with this disorder that makes me crave curry at all times of the day, hot or cold, good or bad. It actually makes my life very difficult because I always have to put curry in my overnight bag if im away from home for too long. My problem is that the curry you get in Aus is rarely hot enough. Even when they claim it's hot it is usually an insult to my few remaining tastebuds. My latest technique is to explain to the shopkeep that I want the curry so hot it makes me cry... though it's still usually too weak.


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Pfft amateur, I bring my own chilli sauce and some places don't allow that so I smuggle sachets in my inner jacket pockets after demanding an extra plate of chilli!!!

Thug Life!


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Bandido said:
Luv a good curry laska, but hate those things that look like washing sponge they put in.
Those spongey things are tofu or bean curd if you will.

I like just a little bit on top (but that could be said about many things).


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-OZ-noobItUp said:
Those spongey things are tofu or bean curd if you will. I like just a little bit on top (but that could be said about many things).
Those spongy things are deep fried tofu, they're there to soak up all the soupy goodness.
Bean turd is a totally different animal!