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Blues blues blues blues ...

Baker Street

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This brilliant seven part music series contains personal and impressionistic films viewed through the lens of seven famous directors who share a passion for the blues and the stories behind the music.
First aired on PBS in the US in 2003, and it is now being repeated on SBS Ondemand. ( Dunno if SBS have shown it before but idc 'cause I haven't seen it :p )

The series was produced by Martin Scorsese who directed the first episode. Mixes original footage and current muso's interprets ( even Nick Cave gets a guernsey ). Have to be a dedicated bluesboi or gal tho as each episode is 1:30:00 long.

It is the definitive blues anthology.

Episode 1 :

Episode 2 :


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Looks like I'mma have to check this out some time later.

My man John Lee Hooker best be in it, though~