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Brisbane Soundwave 2012 Review


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Firstly, I know that there are a lot of diverse opinions on the forums about which bands are 'good'. I don't want to weigh into that here so much as give my impressions of the bands I saw.

I was in hospital earlier this week so I was sidelined to the old folks seating for the majority of the day.

Shadows Fall played an excellent set. I've seen them before and they lived up to their previous show.

A Day to Remember were actually a lot better this time than the last time I saw them. I'm not a huge fan of the band itself but they performed well none the less.

Bush. I can't say I've heard much Bush before either but they put on a solid show.

Bad religion were really good. I've listened to their stuff for a while now so it was pretty cool seeing them do it live.

Limp Bizkit played an excellent set. At one point they were apparently throwing beers off the stage into the mosh. However, as the mosh wasn't 18+ I really hope they were joking.

Marilyn Manson was pathetic. Utterly terrible. I had huge expectations for him as I've seen footage of some of his old gigs. Now-a-days he appears to be a fat, lifeless performer who stopped every 60 seconds for a drink, forgot lyrics to his own songs, fell over and had trouble getting up and left the stage for 10 minutes during a 50 minute set. When he was actually singing it was weak and scratchy with frequent pauses.

Slipknot put on one heck of a show. I was expecting a lot of stuff off of Psychosocial so I was pleasantly surprised when they played mostly their older songs. Their stage show is packed full of fireworks, pyrotechnics and all sorts of moving stuff. The highlight was the drum kit, replete with still-playing drummer, being lifted 20 feet in the air, rotating, then flipped 90 degrees so he was perpendicular to the stage.

Absolutely the best act on the program however was System of a Down. Hands down they played the best show I've ever seen. There was absolutely nothing I could criticize about their performance. They started on time, played 15 minutes over their 90 minute set and maintained a consistent string of songs. Everybodies favourites were in there along with some of their more obscure songs.

I'm interested to see what others think about the show when it comes to their city (Unlucky if you're in Canberra, Hobart or Darwin though).
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I saw SOD at one of the Big Day Outs and its definetely up there as one of the best live acts ive ever seen. This was when they were fairly new on the scene and although noone really knew much of their stuff, the crowd went fkn insane. Best pit eva!