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Bug Report: Crouched Shooting

Server/Mod Affected: -OZ-ETPUB *Xpsave*SYDNEY #1

Bug: When you couch with certain weapons and look downwards, below an angle of about 45 degrees from the horizontal, the bullets fired hit well above the crosshair.

Affected Weapons: Engineer/Sniper rifles, SMGs (including STEN), FG42 and pistols.

Notes: If you want to test just crouch and try shooting at the ground and see where your bullets land (it can be hard to see on certain surfaces, find a surface that leaves bullet holes after firing). As far as I can tell this does affect where your bullets actually land against the player hitboxes and is not just a visual anomaly. The problem doesn't seem to be present with the mobile MG42, though, that has some heavy spread so you can't be sure. Panzerfaust may have the problem but it's a little hard to tell. I checked the default game and this bug is not present when I ran my own server of regular ET.

Also the previous bugs I reported still seem to be there, just FYI. It seemed like you were trying to work on your version of ETPub, as of late, and it may be worthwhile if you check over older threads.


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Heya thunder, long time no see. Yes we were working on the mod recently but BR's gone quiet again, if we can find what causes these issues to arise we may be able to fix them. The server is currently running etlegacy + ozmod, so perhaps test legacy server.