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Calling All Reprobates (and normal ppl too)

what day/s are best for you?

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Seems that a lot of activity has died off.
Pro players left etc.

Now and then I play at a couple of USA servers which are basically dead - but they've focused their energies on one night a week and it keeps the communities alive, means they can at least play ET with friends regularly.

So why don't we do that here? It's something, better than nothing. Might lead to more, too.

Barring any huge changes which some might like (e.g. switch to Silent mod), it might have come to this. but that's not so bad. This game is over 15 yrs old after all.

I'm down like a clown charlie brown.
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I'm in like Flynn. I have had a lot go on in the last 12 months and the computer has been in storage, but it may be time to get this show back on the road.


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The beginning of the end was Fredo quitting. He was like that piece in the middle of a Rubik's Cube, basically holding all of the other pieces together. Without Fredo, we fell away into a disparate heap of multi-coloured cubelets.

I became a recluse, turned to day drinking, and hide my face behind a surgical mask.

Lost in a Roman wilderness of pain.


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Rather than dwelling on who did what to who, let's just see what we can do to get some players back ;)

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In principle you're right Horus, but I think Ted was just waxing lyrical and mourning Fredo's decision to leave/boycott the server/whatever reason he stopped playing. Although he's obviously still around reading these forums.

I found it a very moving story.

or FBS as Fredo might say.
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Friday and Saturday have two apiece, Thurs and Sun one each.
I haven't voted as I can do most days.

That's 4 of us, plus probaby some like Swizz who as far as I know don't use the forum, some others who will no doubt join if they see ppl playing (like Zulu) and depending what's going on in their lives Lemr, casius, asche, TC, Bandido.

That's the regulars/non-pros who played most often as far as I recall.
Some other OZ members and others who came on server less frequently.

I reckon we can get a decent game going.

By the way, you can vote as many times as you like, and edit votes too
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Some people wanted to play ETpro, so went and did that. This is about keeping the OZ server/community going with the public settings and atmosphere which most non pro regulars were satisfied with.

For OZ, we are going to focus energies on a couple of nights a week.
You and other pro regulars are of course welcome.
But since you have your own server/s now, it's likely that complaints about settings on the server won't be as tolerated as before.

Some people just want to play public ET, and others want to play pro, and that's all good.


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Yeah its pub, those who want to just have a bit of fun should be free to do so. Its fairly clear there was an effort to destroy the remaining pub community by other groups and it seems to have worked. Probably too late now

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I dunno exactly what happened, but I agree with Horus, let's not dwell on the dead past, can't change it anyhow.

Let's not be bitter. I hope/expect the famed Aussie easy-going nature will prevail.
... altho there is that joke about Aussies having a chip on each shoulder ;)

ET has been declining for like 10 years now? at least.
So those who were always moaning in-game about the settings, well they have buggered off and y'know lets wish them all the best.

And let's just make it so we can all play together on one night a week then see how it goes from there.


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I've never understood the argument about the decline of the game. If people turn up to play, then it wouldn't appear to matter to them, or they wouldn't turn up to play the game.
Its like my bike. Its been in constant decline for more than 10 years and yet still goes ok. Sure, theres faster bikes, and plenty of lycra clad professional riders just itching to tell you about how amazing their bikes are and how much greater their riding ability is, but for some reason it doesn't matter. Maybe because I can do fully sick jumps and don't have to walk like my dick is made of glass.
In any case, I agree with everyone


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Most of the time I can only come on to play either during the day, or after 10pm, when there's no-one there. Yes Midas, I know nobody asked.

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I ride an old Royal Mail postman's bike - looks like this but without the basket on front:


Well it's in storage at the moment, needs a bit of fixing up. So I don't ride a bike at all.

Maybe like the OZ server currently.

Anyway, re ET being in decline I'm just throwing out words into the Abyss in the hope to defuse any upset or anger about how the server died off.
I don't think there was an effort to destroy etc, just things happen and people who preferred to play Pro went and did that. I joined their discord like two months ago and still haven't got the ability to post comments there, and I never see the server on trackbase, so who knows.


n.b. I know I started this thread etc but do I got to do all the work


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no it was both Ted and my idea, I'm not sure. You began the conversation anyway Doggins by commenting in the derpbox :)

I mean we're all in this together I just didn't think it through i.e. starting the thread probably means I have to (?) organise and collect collate people's opinions, when they are available, and say what day we should do.

Anyway sounds like we can get a solid 6 people plus more who will join (if you build it they will come), so either Fri or Sat, or both evenings. say from 7 or 8 till 11 ish? people can pop on and off and we can work out when the peak time is and organise around that.

Any other opinions welcome.


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Why not? The festival circuit is dead this summer. I'm stuck for the next three months in this city full of churches and serial killers.

Can someone send me their meth pipe.. ahem config I mean?