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Calling All Reprobates (and normal ppl too)

what day/s are best for you?

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Boots what happened to you? we got seven there, even Mad M@ from another server and Lem came on too

7 League Boots

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sorry I over imbimbed and didn't get up till past midday.

I'm happy to hear you had enough to play a few games, hopefully off to a good start for OZ this year.

soz for failin again ... Here's a nice song


7 League Boots

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quick message - my laptop had a fit and the keyboard doesn't work.

so it might be a little while till i can get on again


I've only ever seen ka use 'ka' by itself, or ka (noob), ka (test), things like that

I worry because he is in Hong Kong...


Ka played last night. Still a god tier player so I'm sure hes alright.

You guys should make a discord server and get the community on it, then schedule games. I bet most people don't check the forums even once a week.