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Clash of Clans!

Black Racoon

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Okay so a few people be like, why you play the phone games, when ET exists! BUT, the large difference I see here is that it's a little more portable in this instance. By no means do I think that mobile gaming is going to substitute Console or PC gaming anytime in the near future, but I do think it's another dimension to gaming in general.

It seems to have been expanded far more in the past 3-4 months, not to mention it's expansion into Android. If a game has a TV ad, you know it's doing well. It's a F2P (Free to play), PYG( Pay for good......... ..... ....). But eventually the game can be maxxed out even if you choose not to put any money in.. it was just calculted it will take approximately 300 more days to do so if you choose to go the free path.

I think we could definately have a clan with this game! Considering the whole game is about clan wars and battles and strategy AND its free, I think it would be interesting for OZ to push in. And certainly a good way to nut out how many AU players there actually are on this game, and to get in "not real gamers" into this game.