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Coming Clean - Goodbye and good luck


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I no longer play, and barely check these forums anymore. Safe to say I'm no longer a regular and have moved on from Enemy Territory.

Without going into too much detail; life, as it tends to, has gotten the best of me and I don't really have the time to play. I'm well past my prime anyway so when I do hop on and get trashed, the ego hurts.

I wanted to thank you all for keeping the server alive for so long, the admins for putting up with everyone's shit (including my own), and the regs for keeping it fun. I really spent the majority of my university years on this game, made a hell of a lot of memories and honestly consider it some of the best times I've had whilst gaming. I wish I could say that I was the best on OZ at the time but it's safe to say JoKeR always had me there.

Shoutout to Horus, JoKeR, PoD, Blusky, Bambi, Snail, Bandi and Trigger for keeping it real. Extra special thanks to fern, admiral, and BR for keeping the server up so long. Love him or hate him, Midas and co. really did a lot to keep the competitive scene in Aus alive for so many years while the playerbase was waning, credit goes to them.

I also can't leave without a woof woof to Flekz. If you know me, you'd know how close him and I were both inside and out of the game. To me, OZ was never the same without him.

Thanks to all who have spent time with me on ventrilo + teamspeak, crying about Xmas sniper, stacking axis, calling fraggle's mobile phone, or dealing with D_R's single-digit IQ takes in the forums. I'm lucky to have experienced it all.

And finally, to all the people who accused me of cheating. You're right, I was.

Thank you to everyone, I genuinely wish you all the best, and goodbye!


Ps: I wasn't actually cheating though. It just wouldn't be me to leave without fucking with you all one final time :D
Much love.

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Your an inbecile full stop.
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Shouting right back at you. Always pwned me but I loved it. You had the best temprement of all with apologies to all the others. You made it fun to be squashed time after time. You made it fun and worthwhile being an administrator. Very deep and meaningful from me I know but its valid. Would love to catch up one day IRL for a laugh and relive of the old days.


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Maybe we start trying to see what happened to the players from the past. Not necessarily to bring them back, but to see what they are up to nowadays. Would be good.

FUZZIwuzzi Springs to mind firstly.