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Complaints and Ban Appeal Process

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To Appeal a ban

To appeal a ban you will be required to send a Email to admin@overzealousgamers.com who will act as a middle man toward the banee and the baner (player who banned and the player who made the ban). If the evidence provided toward the ban is not substantial the ban will be elevated to be deal with my the divsional leader. If finally the divisional leader cannot make a decision, it will be raised to OverZealous Magistrate who will make the final decision on the call.

If you have been banned, for a period of time (usually for innapropriate language/spam or abuse), for < 48 hours then the ban is non revokable and requests to do so will be ingnored. However if your ban is > 48 hours in length or it is a Permanent ban you can appeal to have the ban lifted.

If you have been banned and you choose to appeal it, it will be deemed if the ban was required or not and a decision will be made whether the ban stays, is lifted / reduced in length.

Providing Evidence for a Ban

If you beleive someone is on the grounds for abuse, admin abuse and/or hacking or disruptive game play within an OverZealous Gamers Game server, you can send a Email to admin@overzealousgamers.com with a demo/screenshot and if possible a log of the issue that occured. Without a screenshot or demo of the issue, the request for action to be taken will be nullified. Public Ban threads in any forum will be removed and a infraction will be added toward your name.

Non Gaming Disputes

If you have a Non-gaming related dispute, direct it to a Moderator clearly stating the issue and as much detail as possible explaining the situation via PM. Public complaints will be removed from the public forum for confidentiality and descretion.

If the issue cannot be resolved by a Moderator, the issue will be elevated to a leader of the related Division. If the outcome can still not be resolved, or the issue is in contradiction to the role of the account dealing with the issue, it will be elevated to the Magistrate of -OZ-, I0nwr1t3r. If the Magistrate can still not come to a resolution, then the issue will be elevated finally to the Founder to be issued (although this should very rarely need to occur).

Gaming Complaints
Please send all complaints to admin@overzealousgamers.com and we will be in touch with you shortly.

* OverZealous Moderators can be found here -http://www.overzealousgamers.com/showgroups.php
** Appeals, ban evidence or non gaming disputes that are posted on the forums will be removed and an infraction may be placed on the posters account. -
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