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Corona virus - how has it affected you?


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Not a huge amount. Complying with the mandates has been mildly irritating at times, although not worse than contracting the virus i would imagine.
Employment wise business has grown, although the foundations for that were laid pre covid the pandemic didnt impact too greatly.
The greatest change has been amongst interactions with other people and their weird and wonderful reactions to being told to wear a mask and in some cases the sad realisation that their labour isnt worth what they thought it was

Baker Street

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Hardly at all up here in Godzone country. Was a slight risk of running out of bog paper at the start of it all, then last month all Qld had to wear masks for the first time, but for only two weeks. One of the advantages of living in another country I suppose :cool:. But I certainly feel for all those less fortunate elsewhere having to live through those restrictions, and worse, lost a loved one.


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Well I live in rural Victoria but work in the CBD. Been very interesting with work as you could imagine. This last lock down stuffed my leave up 2 weeks off with the wife, first week was in the garden, second week we intended on having a week in Tasmania.

Having 2 days in Daylesford at the moment is a treat.