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Currently permanently muted by Asch...who is a derp that wont balance teams but will mine on 5v2.

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Currently permanently muted by Asch...who is a derp that wont balance teams but will mine on 5v2.
I said he's a "DH" and he muted me.
Never bothers to balance teams but calling him a "DH" offends him greatly that he has to abuse admin powers.
Get a life Asch you dork.
My friend fredo witnessed this barefaced abuse of administrative privilege and rightly suggests that "admins" such as asch and casius be taught about the lmute and/or smute commands.

zulu's indiscretion was barely worthy of an lmute, let alone a permanent mute.

Fredo tells me it also happened to gbt/darl a week or so ago - perm. muted by casius for no apparent reason.

Would appreciate an unmute for zulu please. His dedication to the OZ server is renowned.

Thanks for reading.


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So, while I'm trying to find the relevant part in the logs.

I assume Asch will post in due time, but the mute remains at his discretion

"Fun" commands aren't working presently so admins/mods are limited to ban/kick/mute so keep that in mind. Perhaps long mute needs to be made longer.

You're no saint when it comes to calling people cheats zulu, you've been told off more than enough - If someones legit cheating, provide evidence and post it, rather than spamming chat with "l33tsk1ll5 killed me, must be hacking/warping" simple shit. - And if other people are saying it as well and not getting l/s mutes then they should be.

Mining I think is irrelevant, there is no rule dictating that there must be x amount of people to place them, maybe try asking if there can be no mines placed rather than slagging off at people?

If I can get br/phillby to add a lua to the ozmod, then they may be more dynamic to player count - less people = less mines available.

So back to the logs, I'll post both the mute part and all the chat logs which appear to be most relevant, they'll have to be on pastebin and mediafire due to length, some things have to be removed due to etkeys etc showing, but otherwise I'll post it untouched, also posting just the chat.

https://pastebin.com/w8YfbSx5 - Time of mute

http://www.mediafire.com/file/9pto3q1sxp5o5vz/76225 lines ew.log - Chat logs

I think you win when it comes to bot kills though >.>

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Zulu is a good player no problem with him mybe he deserved it it was asch decision darl on the other hand deserved mutes he is annoying and i dont like him my opinion he is a retard


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It's not as if i dont protest unfair stacking first, but then the admin (instead of doing something useful like not stacking themselves) go the extra mile to make the game even more unfair by mining and their team also panza and fops, just goes way beyond everyone having a bit of fun. Against the spirit of a multi-player online experience. So i said he's a DH for participating in such low behaviour, let alone by an admin.
My response to this thread is
Over the last few weeks I have time and time again joined the server with the first words in chat I see is your a cheat, your a retard, your a dick head etc, etc, etc , then I get complaints from players & admins alike, so I ask the question have you warned or asked for the constant badgering to stop, oh I did ask but nothing happens, so I muted GBT for abuse to both players and admins for some time I might add, by the way he was unmuted for some time before he realised he was unmuted, so ask yourselves this question, WOULD YOUR TALK TO YOUR FAMILIES OR FRIENDS THE WAY YOU TALK TO PEOPLE ON THIS SERVER and by that I don't mean a bit of fun but constant badgering, abuse and disrespecting people, so then I see Zulu continuing to post rubbish in this manner and before I even had a chance to reply to his shuffle request, only because I'm old and type slowly he then again abuses an admin, which by the way is not the first time, as far as warning you first for continually abusing people, I think not, players on this server have been around a long time and know what the right thing to do is, and for how long this mute will last for well judging from the childish post in this forum it could remain permeant we will see, while were on the subject of team balance, also on numerous occasions the shuffle command has been used over the last few week and players then just go to spec and stack again for one team or another so us admins do actually attempt to balance teams, I get that friends like to play with each other but when there are 3+ really good players verses say 5 not so good players things normally balance out and normally the players with a bit of common sense unstack and help out, I can't recall Zulu or GBT doing much of this over the last few weeks they join the server sees who's playing and then stacks against the weakest team, GBT is also guilty of this and vote rigging for maps he wants to play, all these antic's from good players are uncalled for so grow up and get on with people if not go play somewhere else you won't be missed,

The bullies in the play ground have been warned

I will not be entering into a he said she said argument this is all I will be posting on the subject of this thread

Cheers Asch :spam:


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I wasnt talking about any haxing, so dont conflate things.
You dont need to shuffle, but when you join already stacked team then it would be a bit of fairness if you didnt mine the shit out of the map when i had 4 bots and a noob as team mates. Study the chat, where your team on that map is intent on being absurdly unfair, with your blessings. We still won btw.
So dont make up bullshit to make up for it.
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