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Dale248's Moderator Application [PASSED]

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In-game Name: Dale248

Current Rank: Loved One

Real Name: Alexander

Age: 17

All about me:

I was born in northern New South Wales in a little town known as Moree. I grew up there for 15 years going to a state school excelling in all subjects and getting dux (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dux For those that don't know what that means) of the entire school. I was one of the more popular kids at school and had a lot of friends and one very 'dodgy' girlfriend who now hates my guts.

Leaving my favourite years behind i moved to the Gold Coast to start high school at The Southport School. I've so far been here a total of almost 5 year and have really fallen behind in grades a bit, however I'm still quite bright for my age and know a lot about computers through self teaching. I actually managed to get into our schools almost non-existent security system through simple CMD commands to make myself administrator and lock all 1037 computers on the network. Soon after this i got into a fair bit of trouble but was also offered a job when I left the school but denied it because I'm more into graphic design.

Extra Info:
  • I have my own personal minecraft server that's made just for my school and has many various plugins but it would take to long to put them all here ;)
  • I have a moderate knowledge of permissions, plugins and commands
  • I enjoy playing sports but my favourites are rugby union and Soccer
  • I currently work as a Spare Parts Interpreter at my father's tractor machinery business. (I work with many many numbers at a time and have to remember them all!)
  • I have also worked at Mcdonolds...sadly

Why Do i Deserve Moderator?:

  • I'm a very hard working person and enjoy a challenge here and there and usually spend hours trying to figure it out.
  • I spend many hours on the server at a time, usually 5-6 hours if I'm not doing anything.
    I have previous computer knowledge about hardware, software and know a fair bit about the technical side of minecraft.
  • I do not get angered easily and I'm good at helping people with any problems no matter what.
  • I'm fair and very balanced when it comes to issues and very logical in working out things. (it can get very annoying at times...)
  • I never have and never will abuse and powers,rights etc. given to me.

Previous 'Jobs':
I have been an admin, moderator and senior admin of many Moder Warfare 2 servers, minecraft servers and the 1 or 2 terraria servers. I am part of my schools tech crew that fixes any students computers with problems from Microsoft Outlook to wireless network setup and know all the ip's for the school.
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