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Darkangl's application [NOT PASSED]

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Darkangl's Moderator Application:

My In-Game-Name: Darkangl

My Real name: Seren

My Age:

My er... Life story, as it be: So lets see here... I am an American and I was born in Saint George, Utah on the west coast. I had a normal life since I was about 7, and then my parent got a divorce. It was really harsh times for my mom, she had to work 2 jobs to meet ends meet. I was at the time a blissfully unaware child, only enjoying time with friends and outdoor activities. I grew up with 2 other brothers in Utah, one is named Maddel, another is named Zane. I am the oldest of the 3 of us. So for a time I was blissful, and I had a wonderful childhood because of it. I used to tell this joke; Some magicians can walk on water, Chuck Norris can swim through land! Everyone would laugh and I had a nice time.

So sometime later when I was in like the 4th grade, we moved to Las Vegas, Nevada. My mother married another man, and I got 2 new siblings; everything spun into chaos. See my new siblings were named Mitchel, and Miranda, and Mitchel was older than me by 2 years. He seemed cool at first, for probably the first month or so, and then he and most of things around me turned for the worst. See I'm not going to bore you with a run down of everyday life, I'm just going to tell you what happened that made it so bad. One time during a particularly sunny day, Mitchel decided to "Play" with me and my bros. In other words, he raped me, and my brothers, and my step-sister; He went to jail for 3 years.

In my years growing, I dealt with bullying, I learned how to ride a Dirt bike, I learned to swim, I learned self-defense, and I went through half of my middle school years. While i was in middle school especially. Somewhere in the 7th grade, I got tired of the bullying, and considered suicide. So my parents decided that the best way to help me was to have me move up with my dad, who lives in Oregon. So somewhere in the middle of my 7th grade, my life changed forever, and for the better :D.

I was sent to a near by charter school, with alot of other kids like me. I began to make friends and gradually matured. My high school days were filled with fun for days, and friends for years. I was the kid that fit in every click. I was that guy that was oblivious to social clicks and hung out with everyone. It was this way through out my entire High School years. I almost wish that everywhere was just like there. Unfortunately our story has come to an end, as we are now at the present date, where I have just graduated from High School, and I'm on my last "Summer Vacation". I hope you like this bit, lets move on.

What application would you like to Apply for?: Moderator

Why do I think I deserve such a position?:
I think I should have the position because, I am a mature person, with patience and an attitude for the job. I would like to help out the server, but I don't have money to donate, so I got suggested an Idea my Midget to donate my time helping instead. I have a good knowledge of commands, and plugins, and know how to work things. I won't be incompetent, nor will I abuse any powers given to me.

Past thingy majigs that are like skills: I've been Moderator, Admin, and Owner of servers dating back to Alpha in minecraft. I've played the game itself, and know every glitch in the book for minecraft, and plugins. I have been alive 18 years, and I have a decent knowledge of technology. I've run, and I'm running a server, I know how to deal with players, I've been told I'm good with handling childlike behavior, or immature people. I am also a patient person, with a sexy voice, said to make millions of people jizz their pants and their spares when it makes contact with their ears.

I am a huge fan of Chuck Norris jokes, I live on the west coast. Australians basically live in the future for me, and are therefor gods. Once I know you as something it will take years to change it, so please don't change nick names to often. I love anime, and manga. I am also a huge fan raiding, and pvp servers. My favorite colors are Aqua or purple

That is basically it, I hoped you enjoyed your time reading through my application. Thanks for visiting. I hope I get the spot.

1 last thing; I wish myself good luck.
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Well, that's incredibly well written, I strongly apologise that this has missed any attention. If your still around, could you post and we can see about putting you through :D
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