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Dat_Guy123's Application for Minecraft

Hello fellow OZ members, my name is Christian. My IGN is Dat_Guy123. About a year ago I got this account due to the fact that I was sick of sharing an account with my brother (megmixer7890).

Unfortunately I am to young to work but on the weekends in the Winter, I usually go door to door with friends asking if they need their driveway shoveled or plowed. When I am not on the OZ server I am usually playing Football or basketball for my High School freshman teams. Other hobbies of mine are video games such as:
Call of Duty
Mario Bros.
Assassins Creed
League of Legends
World of War Craft
What I can offer to OZ as a clan/community member is 4 years of Minecraft experience and the passion of helping others succeed as fellow Minecrafters. I want to join OZ because I see something different in it than all the other servers. It have played on it since day one. It was my very first Minecraft multiplayer server ever. OZ has always been where I wanted to be.

My favorite game would definitely be either Minecraft or Assassins Creed. I fell in Love with both a while ago. For me, it's like choosing between my mom and dad ( I choose mom). I also used to play Mario super Sluggers and games in that category.

Other info: I'm just a regular well raised kid that wishes to be more involved in the OZ community.
Skype: Christianhayes123
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Hi there, good to see you want to apply for OZ and join our community. However there are a few issues that you will need to address.

Firstly, you haven't placed this application in the right section of the forums, you need to place it in the Applications section of the Recruitment part of the forums,
Located at (http://overzealousgamers.com/index.php?forums/recruitment.15/)

Please also read all the application rules which includes stating your age and that you have to be above the age of 15.
The Application template is found here (http://overzealousgamers.com/index.php?threads/application-template-for-joining-oz-read-first.2189/)

I have also asked around the community, and have been unable to verify if you are over the age of 13, and because you stated you are to young to work I'm going to assume that you are under the age of 15. However if you are able to provide proof, repost this application within the right section and fix any mistakes or grammar errors and we will take a proper look at it.

If you have any further questions or need clarification on anything feel free to msg me on the Minecraft Server, or as a PM on the forums.

-MalaWolf, Minecraft Admin