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Dat_Guy123's Clan Application


New Member
Greetings OZ Members and Staff! My name is Christian Hayes, I'm 15 years of ageand I'm a die hard Minecraft fan. I currently use my one and only Minecraft account, "Dat_Guy123".

My hobbies are sports and Minecraft. Some may think that those two categories don't mix but I also enjoy proving people or players wrong. I just recently stepped out of my Pokemon phase which also gives me more time to play Minecraft. I enjoy watching fireworks, the sound of waves crashing into the sand, and bubblegum (Sour Patch Kind). In my personal opinion (Don't Judge me :/), the Kardashians are an inspiration to society and I will forever love Kim.

I am a family kind of guy and I enjoy assisting people, especially in Minecraft. Although I have a short temper, I know how to use it in the correct fashion. I put someone in check when needed and I'm not afraid to say no. I want into the OZ community because I have a real passion for the game, the burning kind. I have been with OZ for as long as I can remember. Also a side note, I would like to thank Forgotenthought, 2000Jeep, and Mrminifigs for introducing me to the server.

My first gaming system/console was either the Nintendo DS or the gamecube. When I was a toddler I remember playing Mario Super Sluggers with my brother. Despite the fact that I rarely knew what was going on, just visualizing the game itself brought me great joy.

I do indeed own a microphone.


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