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ddos protection


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So I keep getting ddosed, I was wondering if any of you knew an effective way of preventing this...

If so, please either pm me or comment it below.



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Get new ip from your ISP, hide ip once you got one in Skype, turn modem off and on again hack into your modem using telnet and block the ipaddress that is hitting you (only do this of you know what you are doing can screw your router)


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If you have no inkling about IT stuff then why ask all I can say is ring your internet service provider and get your IP address changed


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I don't know any of the IP stuff, I just wanted to know so I could try work my way around it and learn how to do it if it ever were to happen again...


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CAKE TO TEH RESCUE. hold on, pants falling down.


Ur compuputer, liek all computers on teh internets has an IP address. It teh unique thing that points to u on internets. Ur internet provider that u pay each month assigns u one. Eveeryone get assigned one :) Ur computer knows what its IP address is and tells it to other computers & websites when visiting web pages, or when u connect to games, or connect to bittorrents & things. its so teh other computer knows where to send data back!

what happens is that bad guys find out what ur ip address is when u say go to porno sites or download torrents & things. u know, dodgy stuff.

aneyone who knows what ur ip address is can send data to u. ur computer don't really do anything with it. but u know, if someone send u lots of data, it clogs up ur internet connection. that what going on when u get ddossed.

these doods are saying to phone up ur internet provider and say 'hey, gizz a different ip address please'. that way, u starting off fresh.

in teh future just be careful about what u connect to. if u gonna connect to things like bittorrents or japanese pee porno sites, u can do it in safer ways.
u can either use teh service called Tor, which is like a intermediate network which sits between u and other sites, or u can full on buy ur own server in another country. for like $5 per month from digitalocean. it pretty swell, u get storage, an IP address, can use it to VPN, do anything. thats what teh cake does.

happy pornos.