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Domain Names

Trigger Happy

Hey Guys,

So with domain names right, some places seem to charge more or less for the same domain name and I don't really understand why. I am guessing that there are some kind of services that come with the domain name or something like that but if someone could explain what the differences are and whether it is worth paying the extra bucks that would help heaps.
Basically a mate of mine is starting up a business and wants to get a domain name for his company. Being the geeky friend I am going to help him and make a basic website for him and was checking out some domain stuff and found that MelbourneIT charge like 140 bucks for 2 years, AustDomains are about 60 for 2 years and DomainCentral are about 35 for 2 years. There is a vast difference there between prices and I can't seem to figure out why it would be beneficial to go with say AustDomains (MelbIT is way out of budget) over domaincentral.
Any input would be appreciated.



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Just go cheap, domain names shouldnt be over $20 p.a these days and the ones that charge more usually provides 24/7 support which isnt required.
Also most of the premium providers will have "we'll beat any competitors pricing" to entice you to contact them where they'll peddle their other products/services to you.
Domains are $12/yr @ http://www.crazydomains.com.au/
Just make sure you have your ABN ready to register.

Trigger Happy

Thanks for the feedback butz and bucket.
Yeah I was aiming to go as cheap as possible but then thought I would just double check to see why some are so much cheaper and others are so expensive.
I mean all a domain does is redirect right? That is why I was wondering how it could be so expensive to just redirect to a host.
If there are no other suggestions, I might go get him to register with something like crazy domains.



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Yeah domains are just a redirect service so go cheap on it and splash out on the hosting.
Also it might be worth while to contact whatever host you're going with and see if they can hook you up with the domain name because they're more likely to have package deals that may be cheaper with some basic web design support as well.


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try hostgator.com

it's who i'm with

12$ bucks for the domain registration ..and like 5 bucks a month for the actual webbie or whatever ( gets cheaper again if you pay for 12 months or pay for 24mnths)

great control panel...unlimited diskspace and bandwith great d/l speeds(not sure if this will apply to you) 500+kb a second:)

and Best of all you can call them for FREE if you ever get stuck with something...there customer service is fantastic:)



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i recomend seraching for american servers.
Australian hosting is very expencive
as to where you can get hosting from USA say 2gb for only $2