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Donator Game and TS3 Privelages

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Source Game Servers

  • Private Slot (the highest ping player will be kicked to let you in if server full)
  • Immunity to being kicked for VIP Player
  • Immunity to Deaths at humiliation round.
  • Get A Donator Tag Beside your name for chat – Also writing is red for you.
  • Auto Team Balance Immunity (don’t get moved when it auto team balances)
  • Auto AFK Kick Immunity (Admins still may kick if your idle for ages!)
  • Immunity to class restrictions (any class you want at any time)
  • Clan Advertisements on TF2 Removed
  • Get a Donator Icon Above your head for recognition (Dw Doesn’t pop up during game play, just during setup and humiliation round)

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

  • This is subject to ET - Please Contact an ET leader for Details on the operation of Donator Levels

Teamspeak 3

  • Donator Room if wanted [Limited to Gold Donators only]
  • Reserved Slot [Limited to Gold Donators only]
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