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Donator Privileges!!

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OverZealous Gamers is a free Clan & Community for all types of Gamers offering both public and competitive play. If you want to see the -OZ- Community strive for the future it unfortunately does cost a few pennies. None of our staff are paid, everyone volunteers to run the OverZealous Community. All donations are put toward improving services and keeping servers and the website alive from month-month!

Depending on your preferred game, we will attempt to reward you for your donation in any way we can as well as offering extra forum perks as a sign of our appreciation! We currently offer the ability to "Subscribe" or make a "One off Donation". Subscription Payment privileges are listed below. One off donations are possible,and if you would like to be privileged for a "one off donation" contact an Overseer or Administrator.

The three levels of donations are Bronze, Silver and Gold!! With each level of donation you inherit the previous privileges of the other donation levels. E.g is if you are a Gold donator you get Bronze, Silver and Gold privileges! As we get larger, our donation goal increases in size. This is to ensure the utmost quality is kept for our gamers.

Signup Here for a donation, select the amount and checkout with paypal.

Privileges of Donator Levels

Bronze Donator - $5/month OR $55 a year

  • Bronze Donator Forum Award
  • Access to Write your own blogs
  • Avatar max size is increased to 125x125 pixels
  • HTML in your signature is allowed
  • Animated (GIF) Profile Image
  • Private Message Inbox increased from 10->50
  • Can Hide yourself from online users

Silver Donator - $10/month OR $110 a year

  • Silver Donator Forum Award
  • Reserved slot in ALL supported Games Servers
  • Animated (GIF) Signature and Avatar
  • Avatar max size is increased to 150x150 pixels
  • Private Message Inbox increased from 10->100
  • Donator level on all supported Game Servers

Gold Donator - $20/month OR $210 a year

  • Teamspeak Custom private channel
  • Gold Donator Forum Award
  • Reserved slot in teamspeak
  • Custom Title - Altered through Settings
  • Private Message Inbox increased from 10->500
  • Custom Email - username@overzealousgamers.com

For a one off donation Click Here

How to Claim TS3, Game Server

TS3 contact admin while on the ts3 server

Game Server

To Claim Game server privileges for source games send a request for "Game Servers" to a moderator with your steam ID, found at steamidfinder.com and an email address. For Enemy Territory server access send a Moderator a request for "ET Donator Level", and a Leader of Wolf:ET will get in touch with you to organise this.


Q. What if I can't donate with paypal?
A. Currently the only other mothod of payment we offer is Bank Transfer contact Black Racoon via Pm for details.

Q. If I make a one off payment can I still get perks?
A. Simple answer, yes. Depending on the amount donated to us, we can calculate with you, what term and type of donator you would like, subscriptions are prefered, automatic and fast.

Q. My Donation hasn't been registered in the system yet!!
A. Dont' worry, simply provide us with either a transaction paypal ID or bank transfer reference and we will check track it down as best we can!

Q. How long do my perks last?
A. If you are doing subscriptions, your perks last as long as your subscription with us. If it is a one off payment, once you have donated get in contact with us and privelages and donator status can be organised.

Donator TOS - Assume Read and Agreed BEFORE donating

If a user is deemed to be abusing their donator privileges by an Overseer or Magistrate of OverZealous Gamers (-OZ-), that user risks the possibility of losing their donator level regardless of what term or current duration into the subscription or donation period is at present.

Under no circumstances will a donation be refunded at any length or duration after or during the donation has been received.

Being banned from OverZealous Gamers permanently will also cease any current subscription or donation privileges. If the ban is temporary for any period or duration less than the remainder of the subscription or donation privileges appended to an account, no effect will be applied to users donation or subscription status or privileges.

Donations are subject to change without notice, although the OverZealous Gamers will try it's best to inform users of any such changes this is not a guarantee.

Donating does not under any circumstances directly correlate to membership within OverZealous Gamers. Donating also does not alter or cause any exceptions for removals of bans and age restrictions.
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