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Dota 2 Beta Participants?


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Hey guys, if you don't know me I'm Void and I'll be your Dota 2 leader for Over Zealous Gaming.

Now I'm not entirely sure about who has recieved, or won in my case, a Dota 2 beta key.

So far I know a couple of people who have and if you have also recieved one please let me know so we can play together and have a group of people playing together.

People with Dota 2 beta keys (of which I know of)
- Myself
- Slayer
- [andy]
- Gunblade​

So yeah! If anyone else here has a Dota 2 beta key post here to let me know or just send me a private message.

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ME NOWZ! Even tho im new to the game..so i have very little knowledge on what to do and how to play pro..like xD