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Dearest Boots

It's probably about time I said something.
I hope not to get all schmaltzy like rainbow.

Firstly, Nigel has just stood down as leader of Reform UK and handed the reins to Richard Tice so I'm sure the party will be in good hands.
I'm looking forward to seeing Nige out over the English Channel again filming those illegal boat arrivals!
Now you make sure you get down to Dover and give him my regards, won't you, Bootsie!?

Now onto other issues ... namely, this server and ET.
(God, I'm almost forgetting all your aliases!)

As ted knows, I basically just left ET one day, made a brief appearance to say hello to him ... and then never came back.
No particular reason. I just got sick of the game, I think, and I'd pretty much said all I had to say!
(It didn't help that the maps went to crap and lemr kept picking on me but let bygones be bygones, I guess.)
I now play a mean game of Spider (in the Microsoft Solitaire suite of games) which also suits my advancing years!

Frequently I miss the interesting characters and discussions we had on the OZ ET server.
TBH, it's mostly what used to keep me coming back night after night!
I particularly miss my chats with ted, doggins, topcat, zulu, kfc (before he went rogue) and you, boots.

Oh and bandido. How could I forget the best OZ admin we ever had!?
I will never forget that one time he permanently muted me (actually he only ever perm muted because he only ever knew the one !mute command) for calling him bandildo - AFTER he'd changed his name to OZ-bandildo!

Anyways, I hope everyone (even my OZ enemies) is keeping well.
What we said in-game stays in-game!

As a cashed up baby-boomer I had hoped to travel more this year but the Wuhan virus certainly curtailed all my best-laid plans!
But, one day, I hope to return to Dover and sail across to Calais once again.
If I do, I'll be sure to call upon you, dear boots, and we can share a drink near those beautiful white cliffs!

Until that time ...
kind regards and take care,
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Thanks for replying, you're a gent. No one has to give reasons why they do things, so cheers.

People were puzzled. Well I'm glad the reasons you left were more to do with getting bored of the game, than anything else. I grow bored of doing one particular thing for any great length of time.

I've read a little About Tice - he played a good second to Farage, and does not have Nigel's marmite quality.

That's a quality story about the !mute.

I basically don't play games these days, but ET is a lifelong compainion I come back to because the gameplay is so compelling. After a few months, or even years, I get a hankering to play ET.

But If it's no more ET for you, then, cheers for being welcoming in your own unique way, and I enjoyed the times with you and everyone else.

I'll meet you for a drink in Dover and we can count the immigrant boats.

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No cause to be a stranger by the way.

I heard people don't use forums anymore, but whatever.

If you want to have a conversation here about anything: Life, Universe, Everything - then please do.
I come on here more or less frequently as my life goes, but usually at least once a week.

At some point in Life of course ... "I'd pretty much said all I had to say" ... but for me at least, once you realise you can know very little about anything truly, it's finding things of interest and amusement as we journey through the cosmos in our own tiny little minds.

Anyway, whatever you are doing in life I wish you the best mate. It was fun.


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Still a few of us about, just no one posts much any more. Crushed that Tilda didn't give me a mention, given we are both old farts hahaha. But I think I'm in the same boat to a fair degree honestly, but I do jump on once in a while but sadly no config and only bots is sad face time.

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No Horus, it's just that I started the thead, and perhaps Fredo hasn't been thinking much of ET lately, so could not give a more fulsome eulogy.

Life moves on.

What time do you want to play, if you want to play Horus? I'll meet you for some games. But don't feel compelled, really. Life moves on as it does and as do we it's how it goes.


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I'd like to have a dash again but my life is rotating shifts and no specific days of the week at this point.

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Would it be ok to say that some ex-OZ players now play pro quite regularly on their own server, and perhaps if we (as groups) swapped discord channels, we might be able to gather together and keep the OZ server alive once a week, and suffer pro on their server some times too?

Pengu tells me that my idea of sitting in server for couple hours is not going to work. Which is handy because I'm lazy.

Just a little idea.

Oh Horus, my last comment meant:
I'm sure Fredo would have mentioned many more people than me - I'm a relative newcomer to OZ - but you know how memory goes. He probably had not seen you around for a while, and is anyway doing other things in Life.

Hope you are well.


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I am. Just no real time available to game these days. That may change in the near future but will see how things go.

Hope all is well.....


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Best of luck to you all, enjoyed gaming with all of you ( even tho most of u hated gaming with me :p )
i truly wish you all the best and enjoy living it up mat, when im an old boy i hope to do the same.

All the best


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Given your age and compromised immune system I assumed you succumbed to the rona.
I was at least hoping you were spending more time with your lovely wife but turns out you're playing another silly computer game..
A game that doesn't have any social interaction - but you're right it's a good idea to keep your brain active, alzheimers is just around the corner..

Speaking of annihilating brain cells, are we still on for Vegas? Or are you not going to go to USA anymore now since it's de-Trumping?

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Solitaire ... just have a wank mate, and then get on with your day.
[ofc wife trumps wank, usually].

And play ET with us.

Unless there's something you don't wish to talk about.

I wish you all the ALL the best.


Speaking of annihilating brain cells, are we still on for Vegas? Or are you not going to go to USA anymore now since it's de-Trumping?
I don't think any of us are "on" for anywhere for quite some time, dogg.
Wuhan put paid to all of that!

Boots, have you had the jab yet?

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sorry, I 'forgot' that you don't like inappropriate humour.


Blame Doggins?

I'm not sure about the jab.
In at least two minds about it.

But, I haven't been offered yet. I'll cross that bridge when I come to it


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Just a note to say that any of the ET faithful are looking for a game, you are more than welcome to play at dbd, we get humans most nights. The rules are pretty simple, no hax, no egregious slag offs and swearing activates automute.


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Ciao Matty. Although I don't believe for a minute you would be content with a card game - not after the adrenaline rush of ET :p But then again I found myself getting heavily invested in the online Guardian crossword and it's community of fellow cryptocruciverbalists. Fortunately I snapped out of it in time. And btw, thanks for the mention *sniff*.
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I took the jab like a MAN.

Just the one tho'

I'm not sure about all this jabbin' and stabbin'.


Maybe Zulu can provide an explanation for the current World situation?

I'm all ears.