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ET in 2022. Focus, my fellows. (perhaps; if possible)

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If anyone still wishes to play ET - Ozzie and OZ style - regularly, then apparently we need to focus, organise, and come together.
(I refrain from inappropriate jokes here ... barely).

I shall be around mid-March or early April.

If anyone else wants to create some fun times playing ET and hanging out and talking rubbish
(my preferred choice) -- Then please, drop a little message here.

All we need is SIX people. 3 vs 3.
Other occiasional browsers will see and join - eventually.

I suggest a few defined and definite times per week.
Every other day; maybe every few days
Just every weekend, once per week.

If anyone else wishes and is able and happy to revive OZ, then comment here,
and we'll work out some schedule which works for the majority of those who are willing.


So first, let us see who is willing and able.
And then we will work out what specific day or days.


No worries if most people have moved on.
Life goes how it goes, clearly. -- Huh.


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I’m in. However my attendance will be infrequent due to work and no gaming computer at work.


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I can try, but I'm a carer for my dad now so wouldn't be able to stick to a schedule :(

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Ok, so quite possibly I'm trying to flog a dead horse here

(goddam' you, dead horse, take your punishment)

But y'know, I'm just floating the idea. In my idiosyncratic way.

But either Life has moved on
(the horse is dead, sir, DEAD).

Or it can be rekindled.
Not like I think I am Frankenstein or whatever.
Or perhaps his Monster.

Anyway, I'd like to try, if other people would too, perhaps we may make a go of it?
It shouldn't be an effort tho'.
If it is worth doing it's cos we will enjoy it.
But ofc. Life. Moves. On.

Cheers :)

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Depends, yes. Uhuh. Yes indeed. Makes perfect sense and no harm no foul.

From my last lame effort, seemed like Saturday night was the preferred choice.

I dunno. Sat Morning for me.
I do not know how you upside-down Aussies work. :)
But right. I'll work it out. Quantam Mathematics. GMT + or - notwithstanding.
F*** that is totally complicated. I have a very tiny mind.
Also you Aussies have MULTIPLE time-zones. Not helpful.

I will be on the server on Aussie Saturday night about 7 or 8 till 9 or 10 pm.
2 hours. Weekly, For the next month.
Starting = possibly this weekend (tho' I may be busy).
Definitely next weekend. 23rd April.

See how it goes right?

Horus and LemR, you may well be busy - life circumstances etc, naturally and acceptably.
Doggins and ted? may I rely upon you dear sirs.
zulu? if people are here, then so you will be too, surely.
topcat, bandido?
We can make something of this here,
unless you have suddenly got lives or something.

Big grin, lots of love.
Let's Make Oz Great Again.

(p.s. zulu, I love trump, how do you like them apples?)

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I managed to be in the server for two hours last Sat, and I shall be here again today, this evening, this timezone, whatever.

From about 7pm Sydney time, until 10pm.

I can keep ET on in the background, while I potter around my flat.
Please be sure to say V54, a hello, so I can hear it, and I shall forthwith be here!

And oh, ofc -- Asche, Casius, Swizz.

Other previous regulars who as far as I know do not use the forum.

If you build it, they will come.
And if they don't come?
Well Life has moved on, and that is fine.
But if they don't cum, you need to work HARDER.

I'm so sorry to be inappropriate.

With regards :)

Black Racoon

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Hey fellas; I've been discussing this lightly with Phil the last few days. Although I've been heavily AFK from OZ for quite sometime, I think there might be some opportunity to revive the ET server at the least and modernise the community a little bit.

Most of the community that was has matured greatly over the last 10 years but I think there's some capacity to really do something with this, with over 3K members, I reckon we have some ability to pull something together!


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Hope so. Some of us have been playing for a long time. Would be good to see the old faces back. Even if it’s sporadic.

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And Trigger too! I liked your sense of humour.

Racoon ... 3k members?
Hmm are you sure?
Isn't it more like 3 lol


Well this is very encouraging, all these replies.

Sat 7 or 8 pm Sydney time.
til 9 or 11 pm or something.

We will work it out
When people are available.
If they, you, and we, are available, etc.