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ETMIN alternative.

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So I was setting up a new install of ET to have some old time FPS action, but etmin don't work for me anymore. Seems my new rig with its fancy pantsy Nvidia Geforce Experience Game Overlay reserves Alt-Z for itself, even when it's not open, so that when you run etmin you get the 'crapolio' message. So I did some digging and found this -


which works on all games running the quake engine. It's nice and simple (apart for having to fart around with zip files to install) and unlike etmin, you can assign the actual hotkeys shortcut (or even just one key for that matter). It's main drag is that when you minimise ET, ET can't be closed from the desktop like you could with etmin. You have to hotkey back into ET and shut it down there.

If you already know all this, please ignore this post.

Edit: I have since found that you can go into Geforce Game Overlay and edit it's hotkeys which makes etmin work again :D
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I just got ET Legacy set up with my old config and played a few rounds last night. Seems fine and plays nice with Win 10. No etmin required


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I dont understand why you need a minimizer, perhaps something about using ET with teamspeak? Ever since Win XP, using ALT-ENTER takes you between windowed and fullscreen. From windowed mode you can minimize.