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Favourite forum quote


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Well, as the title would indicate I'd like to make this topic about your favourite quotes from around the forums. We all seem to like having them in our signatures so I figured this would be a good place to compile the lulz that have been.

One of my favourites is definitely the following:

-|H*S| Stranger said:
Ulti has hacked since the down of time, and he is still mad that nobody will be his friend.
So get posting!


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Just saw this one, essentially my thoughts on every hacking thread.

nelots said:
Wow, with hack spotting instincts like this, the admins will be CRAZY not to accept you into Oz Clam!!!

This one time when I was playing on this map where people were like pew pew pew and I was like pew pew pew pew, this one guy said he was hacking and then I like disconnected and yeah I would post a screenshot of the incident so you guys can totally ban him or HUUURrrrrrrrrrrrr! but I dont know how magnets !KROW

the whole cake

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Well it not really from this forum but somebody was mad at caek one day
^Dracon^ said:
well apart from the fact your dress sense and style were left somewere in the mid 80's and you haven't exactly learnt what shampoo or conditioner are, your whole demeanour and attitude towards ppl denotes 100% arrogance. your whole "i'm a nice guy and don't you know it" routine doesn't actually work btw, in fact it only goes to show how much more you are up yourself!
dont know why he so mad. cake didnt even mention him:
the whole cake said:
I do believe in using a vivid and painting eyes on ur doodle and presenting it to young girls as a puppet show with the stars "mr wobbly" and his quest to stand up straight and tall and touch the sky
then there was the time cake was cracking jokes in the church chat room. much like a zombie this person try to make cake into a church goer by melting his brains with garbage:
zanfir said:
did u name the computer a copmuter before u have it,no we made the computer then we called it a name,so we came into this life and we found the name of god exsisting and no one claimed that he is GOD,so how come we have the name GOD for some thing dsnt exsist,we didnt have comp before so we never had such aname,that means we never have aname for something dsnt exsist
he was mad because cake said
the whole cake said:
whats the difference between jesus and a picture of jesus? the picture only takes 1 nail HEHEHE