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Favourite new toy

Trigger Happy

Hey Guys,

Just thought I'd share my experiences with my new toy, the Acer Iconia A501 tablet. I got this as a bday/graduation present and so far I'm really loving it! Initially I thought tablets were kind of silly, but once I started lookig into them I've found that they are really handy for general web browsing, movie watching, messaging and downloading. I specifically got this Acer one as it has a usb port, which allows for usb drives to be plugged in and usb keyboards too. I have had mixed results with the usb drive thing, a normal flash drive is good but the bigger harddrives are hit and miss. I haven't tried a hardware keyboard yet, but the onscreen keyboard is pretty good and is easy to get used to.

So yeah, loving that the thing is so light and portable, having the 3g model is great for out and about stuff and at home is is great to do web stuff and skype and torrents etc all without having to wait for the laptop toboot up. Bit devod there is no TS app as that seems to be the only thing missing that i would want, but I guess I can live without that.

I have an ftp client on here too which means I'll be able to help out with OZ stuff on the go a lot easier, just need to get the settings right :-) . So yeah, that's pretty much it, if someone can think of any cool apps, I'd love to try them and see how they go :D Also if you have any questions on tablets I can either test things or give feedback if you are looking into them. I think this one or maybe the asus trasformer are the best ones out right now.



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