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Feild Ops Secret.

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A lot of people dont know about right airstrike/artillery use. First of all: airstrike (support fire) is made by airplanes and artillery fire is made by cannons. The number and capacity of these are limited in every server on different ways.

How can you decide that airplanes or cannons are free at the moment? You find help signals at the right bottom corner in your screen:

White - When you see white sign you can drop airstrike marker and call artillery with your binocular.
Yellow - When you see yellow sign you can call artillery only.
Orange - When you see orange sign you can drop airstrike marker only.
Red - When you see red sign you can't do fire missions.

Never forget: when you use airstrike the signal shows you free planes only at the moment. If you drop the marker maybe your teammates reserved 1-2 second earlier the planes (if other player dropped the marker a little bit earlier).
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