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Forgotten's Mod Application [PASSED]

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Real Name: John

Online Name: Forgotten or XKZForgotten

Current Rank: LovedOne

Wanting: Junior Moderator

Age: 17

About Me: I'm a Junior Student at NVHS, i'm still currently a Honor student. I've lived in Okinawa, Japan for 8 years. I wish to go back, seeing how boring America is. Most of the people on the server don't really like me. I'm a pretty depressing person, that has made a few mistakes in his lifetime but thinks he's going to make it through life. I'm an open book, if u have any questions just ask.

Why do I deserve to be mod? Well, I don't deserve to be mod. I've made a few mistakes in the past, and don't hold a grudge. I like to look at a problem from other perspectives and notice what's wrong with the situation and attempt to fix it as I please. That and I've already been kicked off JnrMod once, hopefully if I get it, it won't happen again. xD

Extra Info: I have no job. I love to hang out with my friends, and I enjoy and can play almost all sports except for cricket. Images are a big part of my life, the job i'm still working towards is a Graphic Designer, using photoshop and gimp. I'm apart of one of the strongest factions on the server with koyotegrizz and jeremyvg24 (CatMasters)

Past Experiences: I'm currently/not sure Supermod of the Oz Terraria Server, and i was doing pretty well at my job. I'm sure to be on the Terraria server as it's up cause I've lost all my stuff. Starting Fresh :D

Games I play:

  • Minecraft
  • CubeWorld
  • Terraria
  • Borderlands 2
  • Binding of Isaac
  • Castle Crashers
  • Dungeon Defenders
  • Audiosurf
  • Most Nintendo games


Well, I've proven my point, wouldn't be disappointed if this is denied, cause i'm still gonna have a fun time playing on this Server, and no one is going to stop me. <--- That didn't last long. My friends left and I was alone, I guess that stopped me.

Interesting Fact:
I was eating pudding while fixing this application. :D
XKZ is my personal Acronym, Not telling what it means tho :)
Not open for further replies.