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Frame drop on new PC


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Been a long time & thought I'd fire up the old favourite but am having issues with a cycling frame drop from 125 to ~60 every 2ish seconds.
GPU is a GTX 1060 6GB & believe there is some OpenGL incompatibility with old versions.

Run command is:
"H:\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\ET.exe" +r_mode "-1" +r_primitives "2" +r_SoftwareGL "0" +r_aspectratio "1" +r_customwidth "1920" +r_customheight "1080" +cg_fov "115" +set com_hunkmegs "128" +vid_restart

Using all of my original game files & config from circa 2003 - 2010


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Already have it set in the shortcut (above). Tried it in the console too but no difference. Frame lag is also in the menu's.


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so nvidia, hmm. Have you given etlegacy a shot? That fixed most of my issues (amd radeon, 1-5 fps)

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https://www.etlegacy.com use this fixes most issues for et
I share your pain Tyrian. After weeks of trying to get my old ET to run with my new rig (GTX1080, 4K monitor) and giving up many times in frustration, I did just what phill said. It only needed a little bit of tweaking, but once I had it working I asked myself why hadn't I done this sooner? It is built for modern PC's and higher res's than 1080p and is a piece of software genius. Just had to copy my old ETKEY over (which the legacy installer tells you how and where) and my old config file and away I went.

So there's your answer mate.

I did have one problem after the install - on first attempt at playing the game crashed and the console log said it was because it couldn't find the file ui_mp_x86.dll in the c:\users\user\documents\Etlegacy\legacy (or \etpub folder - can't remember which one) but I found it in the other folder so I just copied it over so it was in both folders and wallah, no more problems.

* and I had the line [seta r_mode "-1"] in my config too which stuffed up the res bigly until I took it out and reset it in the game to the default -2.
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Yup, ETL was the ticket. Copied over my key, ETPub & few others - all working nice & smooth.
Jumped on last night with a couple of guys, had a ball!

Will have to see if I still have clan permissions etc - although I doubt it.

Case closed, cheers guys!


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if for some reason you want to go back to using original et: you want to install nvidia inspector third party program (on windows), add a new profile using nvidia inspector profile program and change the "extension limit" to 4844 (hexadecimal). This program lets you change many more nvidia profile options which are no longer exposed by nvidia profile editor. This particular option set to this value avoids opengl returning the full string of opengl extensions that the gpu supports, so that it doesnt overrun et internal variable that is declared too short to hold all this info from modern cards. Anyway, what that does is actually allow et to use the opengl extensions it needs to that speed up the graphics processing. Otherwise, when the extension list overruns the variable, et wont try to use any opengl extensions. This problem is avoided in et legacy as they fixed this bit of code.
If someone has this problem on AMD gpu or on linux, there are workarounds that do similar thing but not using nvidia inspector windows only program.