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From ADSL to NBN


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Mooved haus, was on ADSL on ye old telstra copper. Now on Iinet's "slowest" plan on ze NBN.

I have been trying as hard as I can but I can't lag us yet, even with steam on full download while playing games.



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my brand new ADSL2+. That's only enhanced ADSL - the mind boggles at what 1Gb/s NBN fttp would look like.

Before this my old TPG ADSL plan speed was very similar to cowsy's first test result, was 120GB/mth allowance less and 10 bucks a month more expensive. TPG didn't mention this to peeps still on the old plan - you sorta had to find out by chance. TPG, customer service champions of the month !
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I really don't want to look cocky but i did mine and well...

I guess this is because im actually sitting her at private school and not using my home internet.


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I dunno if this is good or bad
I'm on NBN. I dont understand the terms of this speed test thing very well


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Eh mine goes ok, on cable and not many on our street have it me thinks. This is using a laptop on wireless too...I should test it plugged directly to the router, it goes significantly faster from what I can "feel" when I use a desktop downstairs.
I'm not too fussed about NBN :p