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Fudge Brownies - recipe

Joke :D

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ingredients: 1) whatever you like

1) Eat lots of food, preferably with vegetables and fruit (other wise you wont get the fudge goodness)
2)wait a while
3) serve on a plate


Eating cabbage can change the colour to green

here's one I prepared ealier...



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-OZ-Black Racoon said:
Ok Guys.. They have to be real recipes not turds or pieces of scrap food on fire..
get drunk/die and hav nicely cooked and heated pizza


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Haggis - recipe

How To Make Haggis

Clean a sheep's paunch or STOMACH, washing it thoroughly in several waters. Soak it in salted water and let it remain for several hours. Turn it inside out and SCALD it in a basin of boiling water. Scrape it well, taking care not to cut it or make any thin slices in it, as they might burst in cooking, and place it in cold water until wanted for use.
Clean a sheep's PLUCK, and let the BLOOD ooze out of the LIVER and HEART by PRICKING them all over with a large NEEDLE. Put the LIVER and LIGHTS into a saucepan of water, and boil for fifteen minutes, change the water and boil for fifty minutes longer, add the balance of the PLUCK, and boil for another half-hour, making about an hour and a half in all. Remove any part of the skin that may be discolored, take out the liver, cut it in halves, GRATE one-half of it, and MINCE the other half with the remainder of the PLUCK.
Mince one pound of beef suet and two onions and mix them in with one tablespoonful of salt, one breakfast cupful of well dried oatmeal, one-half tablespoonful of pepper, a little grated nutmeg and some cayenne, also a little lemon juice and one breakfast cupful of gravy. When they are thoroughly incorporated put the mixture into the paunch, sew it up, leave room for SWELLING in cooking, plunge it into a saucepan of boiling water, boil up, place it at the side of the fire and let it simmer gently for about three hours, pricking it a little when first cooking to let the air escape and thus preventing its bursting. As soon as it is taken out of the saucepan it must be placed on a dish and served. SUFFICIENT GRAVY will be FOUND INSIDE as soon as it is cut without adding any more to it. A LITTLE BEEF may also be used in the mixture, though it is not considered an improvement. If a lamb's paunch is used, as is sometimes the case, great care must be taken to see that all the thin places are well sewed up. A calf's paunch may also be used, but the sheep's is best

I found this particular recipe on teh interwebs,straight cut and paste for you culinary enjoyment.


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i have a great recipe for mull cookies.. got my whole family wasted as fuck on xmas day... there all like geez i feel pretty tired.. made me lol


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^^Hahahha, i did a similar thing with a special batch of Spag Bol. Auntie Pat couldnt stop laughing and i fear may have wet herself, it was a total crackup :lol:


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ahahahahahaha thats awesome.. my mate.. made some for himself for the first time.. he is a chef keeping in mind.. managed to chop up the weed and make it into a cookie.. i couldnt stop laughing when he told me.. he literally chopped it straight into the mix.. and hes like it tasted like crap...

note to others.. make it into a butter first :>