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Gday to all the diehards in a wasteland of empty servers.


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Hiya. Well gee.. its been a while.. havnt played for 10 yrs i figure. Rusty as all buggery and no config. Used to be in ToG for a while but i didnt like their style much, then i played in >OB< (old bastards) in ET, and also -oFs- (one finger salute) in original castle wolfy ladder games as SistrMaryImmaql8, thePenguin. and >OB<Noxious.
I downloaded ETLegacy recently and just been getting back to it the last couple of days.. somehow this managed to slip by me for a decade in a haze of other newer games... dammit!
For a long time we kept ET going in 4 a side lans because we are all in the bush and internet was and still is prety ord. But the extensive patching got to be a drag for new players we would rope in, and eventualy we let it go.
So .. here i am , and its not just me.. there are 3 others who just downloaded as well, another former >OB< member and a couple of mates who are still playing Quake Online (god help them).. so they can all shoot(ish)
No applications yet but keep an eye out for Putz, Hundi-Smeg and myself..>OB<Noxious.. not sure what the other guy is playing as yet, but he will be running around with us and on our discord.

Now... the real reason i came to start with.. got a problem with maps on the server.. was trying to get in last night and was in there for a while then a new map cam up.. rather than downloading the map, it closes my game and tries to open "" in my browser..
Today i was in a modified goldrush map, but stupidly voted for you guessed it.. a new map .. 1944 BEACH and have the same problem and cant get in, and i guess i cant get in untill someone else changes the map?
Any Ideas?? Is there a map pack i can download to fix?

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Howdy and welcome. I remember you guys - there were quite a few >OB<'s running around in different clans. Nearly joined oFs meself (under a different name) but changed my mind and joined -NS- (NachtSoldats), just as it imploded and disappeared. Ahh well.


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ToG had some old men in it when I joined but there were some in there like FluffyDice who was a legend. One of the guys in charge I think he sold wine in Tasmania or something was a joke. FluffyDice coul actually play