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  • et server ftp back up the host had some issues should be all fixed now


Hallo Timic83,
ET is great! Have you been playing long? Great to see you on the server
i mainly played on random servers from like 06-09, mainly liked the original 6 maps (and venice :p) so im still learning all these new maps.
after then played a lot of tf2 and still do but FUCK crits, fortress forever is cool tho but no1 plays it :( also dota 2 is an evil drug.
mainly actually play smash bros melee/project m competitively locally, and fighting games
do you generally like to complete objectives on this XPSAVE server or just DM until timeout? i dont mind either way
It's a bit of both Timic. There are some who just love the obj, and others who just like to roam around and frag. But the positions can switch if some don't like a map that's been voted and just want it finished.

Most regs will do the obj, but try to leave it till the last minute. No-one likes a map that's over in two minutes (unless it's a crap map then everyone cheers :)).
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I think that is just the default view distance set in the map config for rail gun some servers might have changed it but for people that might have a bad pc it might make it run bad