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Josh be unbanned

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Hi all Josh here,
So it seems ive over stepped the boundaries and for that I apologise. It was mainly directed at fern as i thought he was interfering with my game play personally. Ive spoken to a few of you on team speak and was directed here. All i'm asking for is a second chance. Cheers Josh


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Count my maybe vote as a no. Biggest twat on et and was given more than enough chances to stfu by admin.


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There are a number of current players, all seemingly good people, who have had a melt down in the past, taken a short break (whether voluntary or forced) and have been just fine ever since.

We don't know what's going on in other people's lives - the need to be a part of something like OZ, the reasons behind losing the plot, etc, could be more complicated than we understand. If we did decide to give someone another chance, the effort to re-ban would just be 1 command, so maybe its worth a shot.


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Well, I've discussed it with the rest of the admins and moderators, and it has been decided that the ban remains.


:et15::et15:Its all good mate. No skin off my nose. Its only a game that you lot take a little too seriously. Thanks for everyone who voted even if you don't contribute to the game. Happy trails ladies.
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