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Gillard destroys Abbott

Joke :D

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The sexism and misogyny issue has been a big one in mainstream media over the past few days, especially with Abbott's wife coming public and referring to Abbott as a feminist who has always campaigned for equal womens' rights. Frankly, if you believe that, you've got a screw loose.

The entire thing speech is very well put, calling Abbott out on his major hypocrisy and double standards on these issues that he has been trying to bluff through mainstream media. Gillard also gives some great insight into the Coalitions' role in the Slipper case, and again calls Abbott out on his outrageous hypocrisy.


I'm not posting this because I'm some radical left wing loon, but because it is crucial that you know both sides of the story; that you know exactly who you are voting for, before the election next year (and hopefully keeping this nutter out)


She makes a good point & is pretty much on the money where Tony Abbot is concerned.
Ironically the Libs lost the censure motion by one vote but the speaker of the house resigned later the same day.
Newscorp were rewording the prime ministers speech as "folly" at about 9pm last night (eastern).