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Guide to Gamers Market

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This is a quick guide to this setion of the forum that has recently been implemented to explain how it works and what it's for.

The Gamers market is a place to post discounts and game news a like. There are a few options you choose "Prefix's" for your post to show which category it is under. The categories are:

  • Beta - New Betas, or to sign up for it send us a link.
  • Free - If theres a free game or a game released from commercial -> free.
  • Retail - E.g. Saw 50% of COD at EBGAMES Store tell us where how much!
  • Release - New game release can post upcoming release dates or on day releases
  • Hardware - Ram/Mobo/GFX on special, where at let us know!
  • Pre-order - Pre-order has come out let us know so others can jump on board
  • Digital - Digital copy of a game - no cdkeys (most are illegal) there are legitimate digital sellers of new games.
  • Steam - If the game is from steam and theres a weekend deal or daily special let us know

Few Rules
  • Do not post Warez, illegal content (this includes cdkeys)
  • No posting of cracks.
  • Only post Video Game/Gaming Hardware related material.
  • Do not post selling illegal virtual items, Runescape gold, WoW gold, subscriptions and so on.

So be sure to let us know and post BEROW.
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