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Guidelines for joining OZ

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Black Racoon

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If you pass each of these criteria then you may submit an application to us.

  • Friendly and welcoming to all players on our servers
  • Lead when required and follow when needed.
  • Offer assistance if it is required.
  • Respectful and thoughtful of all races, genders, cultures and religions.
  • Keeping swearing to a minimum.
  • Remember that we are all here to have fun, and have good games.
  • Meet the age requirment of 15 or above.

Extra For Wolfenstein

1. You have to have at least 10000xp CURRENTLY.
2. You have not been banned from the OZ server previously for hacks.

For TF2

1. Have a microphone.

By Joining the clan this is what we expect from you.

  • Be helpful (eg. offer your help to others if needed, if someone can't change their name let them know how).
  • Don't swear excessively or be offensive to other players.
  • Be respectful to all players.
  • Use the forums at a minimum twice a week to check up on what's new!
  • If you are away for more then a week or can't check in on the forums or the server let us know in the AFK section in the OZ lounge area.
  • Don't argue in public on the server, ESPECIALLY between yourselves (that is OZ members). A clan server where the clan can't get along becomes a dead server very quickly.
  • Be friendly and greet others in-game when they connect ect.
  • Have fun and donate if you can (donations are what keeps everything alive!)

If you meet and agree to abide by all of the above then the next stop is to submit your application! Read this to do so - This is the application template PLEASE USE IT

Cheers BR!
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