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Stralia to beat The Protea's

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I just thought I'd drop by and see wot up as I'm new to ET and looking play a few games and see wot it's all about...yo :rabbit:


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my old computer...my current computer looks similar no shit...still have those or similar headphones but held together with duct tape..lol


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fluffydice made me these, probably the only person to be booted from TOG lol



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Emails I used to receive from Romulus on a regular basis lmao..

OGN frowns on admins that abuse their power. Lets just see how long you last.

I still have some old OGN admin meetings I can send into OGN admins...and request MY admin position back......after all, Sharky was an EME and I was the one that made him admin at OGN to begin with. Like I said.this will be fun! PS........why don't you ask AnTiny about R_Tillery and the work done on enemyterritory servers with romulus and eme!

For the record, I couldn't give a shit if you blocked me for your bullshit reason......lets just say that although I might get angry, I don't make a mockery of the legalities that bind society together unless I have a valid reason to do so.........unlike yourself hey midnight?

Consider this the nullification of any respet I may have had for an ex government employee such as yourself........

ps.........why dont you just settle for a fat chick.........at least then you can still play et huh?

pps......I note that horus/gary also likes to share files.Isn't he a cop...oh dear!

OK Midnight, you fucking spastic.. Seeing as how you love to listen to recordings of me and laugh at me so much.......here's something for you to laugh at you faggot.


After you've opened that link, understand and know that when I have finished my project, and made some funds.............I'll be back for your head........

In the meantime, try not to trip over your chin when you hear the file I sent you to laugh at, which is of course, my original work.

I do not give you permission to share this file either. If I catch wind of this file being released to the public or shared to others, I will sue you for releasing MY original work for personal gain and your intent to defame my work before it is released as a public release.

Have a nice day, midnight.

I have many more they amuse me no end lol


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I'm in South West WA(cold). I worked a few years in the Pilbara (underrated) then Darwin (overrated). I play Rainbow 6 Siege & Battlefield.
I can't believe this game is still going wtf. is Lestat still alive? I have Sharky on Facebook. Horus cracked the sads with me after OGN booted him as an admin he's hardly talked to me since. I had nothing to do with that the head guy at ogn was a useless idiot. I see noob talking it up in the chat thing. butts is there as stolen?nelots.
I read Deathwish story a while back, I never got married had a gf for 8 years and we argued to much so it was like being married lol
dunno..just a muck up like the rest of u kents:trump:im hoping to do some trolling on these forums..