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Halp !

My inernets is playing up. Speed is OK (if you can call 10mbps DL when I signed up for 25 OK that is). The problem is some of my usual domains sometimes won't load immediately when I click on them, and other times they open normally. It just keeps giving me a DNS lookup error. I just keep refreshing the page till it finally opens. The problem comes and goes and can happen at any time day or night on random domains. TPG, my ISP, got me to do a pile of ping tests and tracerts but couldn't pin down the cause. They finally got me to do 1000 continuous tests.

What gets me is that a 1000 ping test on showed 1000 requests timed out and 100% packet loss. TPG said that IP was something to do with my router which is weird cuz I was happily browsing while the test was run. :bawling:

Any ideas? (And no butz, they aren't porn sites)


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#1 - Factory reset your shitty modem
#2 - Change the cables from modem to puter, if youre using wifi then stick the antenna up your arse for extra lube/signal strength
#3 - Try a different modem.
#4 - Request a new IP address just for lulz
#5 - Complain to Fair Trading then switch to another ISP
#6 - Move house and try your luck at new address
#7 - Why the fuck are you still reading this shit?
#8 - Blah blah blah
#9 - Dis a list
#10 - :trump:
Thanks Butz. Suggestions 1 & 2 didn't work, working on suggestions 4 to 10 :D

hmm...might be time to try a wifi modem - TPG will probably try to sell me one anyway. This 4 port Netgear is about 10 years old. :cool:


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Like all tech wear n tear plays a big role especially with the years of por.... Umm news site traffic that youve been making it process after midnight.

So guess you need a new flashy box with antennas.

Should also try switching ports with your cables. More of a band aid solution until you buy a new one.

Also when trying those new fangled wifi modems, use 2.4ghz bandwidth as main and only use 5ghz if your device has a line of sight directly to the modem.

The End.:trump:


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Change your DNS to and in the router
Can change in the adapter settings too, maybe TPG has some DNS issues
5Ghz attenuates more through dense obstacles but is fine for indoors, unless you have bullet proof glass and steel fire doors at home. I have a 5ghz passing through a wall and hardwood floor and it streams fine
Youre in Brisbane right?
Nah mate, Hervey Bay - just a wee bit north of Brisvagas.

Edit: Well I changed the DNS settings in the router as you suggested and bloody hell, everything opens a soon as I click on it :woot: Very happy Jan

Cheers TC and Butz
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Ahhh Butz, yes you are a font of much wisdom. There is a great deal us mere mortals don't know we didn't know. How about a thread where peeps can ask you for advice on not just puter shizz but life, the universe and everything ?

Call it, I dunno, "Ask Dr Bendy" ? :trump:
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Forumz too dead to do any of that shit bakes.

I might as well paint more comix, the vegan kent alone can supply years of content