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helSo - Application Forms For -OZ-.

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Hi everyone, my name is Corey.

The alias i use in game is helSo, but my previous in-game name was bakes.

I recently finished year 12, my current occupation is concreting..( i know its a shit trade ) but i needed work and this was the quickest option.. I have been accepted into the Australian Defence Force as a Rifleman, my Enlistment date is November 21st or August 21st if im lucky. my hobbies are motocross and sportsbikes (road motorbikes) oh and ET is also on the list !

I like to watch porn and my favourite actress is Mason Moore (joke... i actually love porn)

I beleive i can offer -OZ- 6 years of ET experience, that included being a high level admin on the DRi* server hosted in USA, and many pro scrims back in the day with "xen". i can offer fair, honest, and accurate administration, i am also good at spotting a hack.
I want to join OZ because i enjoy the people on the server and the maps on rotation are also good, i would like to join OZ so i can help keep the server alive and fun for all players.

Im a good guy, i dont teamkill (unless done to me first) (yes that was a joke) Im very friendly and i want to spread the love!

My favourite gameis ET i obviously play it on PC, i sometimes play the Call of Duty games also on PC, but nothing is better then ET. i started gaming in the when halo 1 came out on xbox.

I used to love San Andreas on xbox and used to enjoy shooting hoes and pimps, Halo 1-2, most need for speeds.

I do not currently own a microphone but if i need one i will buy one!

Thanks for reading and i hope i get some good re$ults!

Corey aka helSo.


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Hi helSo good luck with your app and see you in game.

Casius can help you out with some migdet porn sites, and very small download required.


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guys ..... take it elsewhere; Thanks for the app I will contact the other leaders about it.
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Unfortunately your application has been denied.

This is due to it failing one of the procedures/requirements in the application-template post . You may re-apply at a later date if the requirements have been filled or resolved by that time.

Reason: At this point in time you need need to get better acquainted on the server

Feel free to still play on our game servers and use our public forums.

Kind Regards,
OverZealous Gamers (-OZ-)
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