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Hi!! Does OZ have a steam group?

Hi everyone! :cat: For those who don't know yet, I'm Peng's sister... I'm much nicer than him, sometimes... at least with a gun. It's been a few years we've played on OZ... so I figured I'd join the forums :cyclops:

I was wondering, does OZ have a steam group? Or is it closed / members only? Do you guys have an ARK server?


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Hai, We do indeed, we're presently trying to regain control of it from br, hopefully cowsy will have admin rights to it within the next week or so and we can add all the peoples!


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I'm on my third laptop after trying to find this steam room and play in there. Old blokes in towels also give funny looks but the jokes on them really
Thanks Blackracoon! Any Discord server by any chance?

Gotta get ET reinstalled so I can play this weekend. Been having so many PC issues.

Just for the sake of the cuteness of this emoji... I gotta use it!